15-17/05/2015: Preparation Weekend Open Lab 2015 @ Viborg (DK)

887490_487309698088813_5945452298183502738_o   (poster by Simon Janssen)

The OPEN LAB 2015 is the second edition of an open laboratory for young European artists that were part of the Between Us project in 2012. Aim is to open up connections between these youngsters and the community of Viborg. We are working with theatre of the senses, finding a ‘language’ that everybody can understand because it is universal, a language in which we can communicate and share our values and questions.
Theatre of the senses allows one to experience communication through the senses in a direct personal and individual way. This sensorial communication is the same for everyone: there is almost no barrier of age, social status, nationality or cultural customs. It is a direct way of connecting to people. An invitation to come and play!

Program is led by Elvira Crois, Marieke Breyne, Olivia Thomsen & Alberte Husted Larsen