Work in progress: Time Woke Up in Darkness, Viborg (DK)

Marieke has been working in Denmark on a collaboration between Carte Blanche Theatre and The Animation Workshop. Performances are scheduled for October 2014 in Viborg.

Here are some photographs of the creation process with animations from Michelle Kranot:

Photograph from Carte blanche Facebook page
Photograph from Carte blanche Facebook page

If Only I had a Heart @ Arena Festival der Jungen Künste, Erlangen

July 1st till 6th you can find the Oortocht members in Erlangen where they made a coproduction for the Arena Festival der Junger Künste. Tickets and information for the festival are still available on the website ( Arena Festival website ) or at the box office.

“Last year, the prize for coproduction was given to the Belgian performance-group Oortocht. This year, the artists Brecht Hermans, Isabelle Stockmans, Marieke Breyne and Thomas Vermaercke will prepare a performance with the support of students of the FAU. The performance is inspired by the Swedish TV series “Äkta Människor”, also known as “Real Humans”. The discussed topic is the human fear for beings that are nearly human, like zombies or humanoids. The main focus lies on the human body and its transformation to a “hubot”, its influences of speed and presence as well as the direct interposition of fear of hubots and the overcoming of it. Surreal images and humour present the body as instrument and the hidden fascination for it.”

Photo from the workshop Oortocht gave in June 2014
Photo from the workshop Oortocht gave in June 2014


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HAAR|HER|HAIR Photo by Elvira Crois
Photo by Elvira Crois