The company Mosterd met Zaad started with Leen Lacroix and Marieke Breyne, theatre directors, performers and researchers. After previous intense collaborations, they wanted to unite their specific point of view on theatre and dance. They are fascinated by the purity of movement, the power of images and the beauty of everyday life. Katrien Masson is architect/scenographer. She completes the company.

Cie MMZ created its first performance ‘A La Limite’ in 2008-2009. Cie MMZ chooses resolutely for a physical approach of theatre. Intuitive. Primitive. The purity of body language, of authentic movement, are at the centre of its view. Aspects such as story or morality are reduced to an essential minimum.


Photo by Katrien Masson
Photo by Katrien Masson ©
Cie Mosterd met Zaad
Cie Mosterd met Zaad