Since mid-2014 Marieke combines her practice with a part-time doctoral research in the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Studies at Ghent University.

She is employed on a bilateral research project directed by Prof. Dr. Christel Stalpaert (Ghent University). Which also involves following partner institutions: the University of Stellenbosch, the University of Leeds and the School of Arts Ghent. Her collaborator on this NRF-FWO-funded research project, titled “Masks, Puppets and Performative Objects in Relation to Trauma, Reconciliation and Performance in South Africa,” is fellow PhD student Sofie de Smet.

„I approach this research from my background as a performer. Studies in the design and performance art acknowledge a transformative power inherent to performative objects. I question how much this power can be a guideline in creating new performative encounters: meetings between an unpsychologized performative body and an audience member. Therefore I explore the possibilities to internally objectify myself as a performer. How can a body act as a mirror for the individual visitor and function as a performative object? Equally, I investigate the possibilities to move the body as an object in public space. Can one mediate the space by objectifying oneself and by doing so mediate the people who experience the space?”