Oortocht is a young collective based in Ghent (Belgium). Working in an open structure with artists from different fields, it stimulates these artists to break out of their own mind sets and encourages the neutralization of borders between the different media. Through the confrontation with unknown territories of art, we can learn from each other and discover new possibilities. This ongoing process gets crystallized into pieces of work that surpass the talents of the individual makers and wherein the borders between each artist’s general field of work fade.

Besides Marieke the collective exists of Brecht Hermans, Isabelle Stockmans and Thomas Vermaercke. Brecht studied Theatre Techniques at RITS in Brussels, is an actor and director. Isabelle studied Cultural Sciences and Mixed Media, and has a passion for literature. Thomas is a theatre technician and co-founded the collective group De Constanten.


Video: Winterslag & Oortocht – Sideways, images from Slakken / Sporen

L'Eléphant Perdu
L’Eléphant Perdu ©