I co-founded 4 companies:

  • oortocht
  • motschnik Verein für feine Kunst
  • cieMMZ
  • The Hatchery


Oortocht is a young collective based in Ghent (Belgium). Working in an open structure with artists from different fields, it stimulates these artists to break out of their own mind sets and encourages the neutralization of borders between the different media. Through the confrontation with unknown territories of art, we can learn from each other and discover new possibilities. This ongoing process gets crystallized into pieces of work that surpass the talents of the individual makers and wherein the borders between each artist’s general field of work fade.

Besides Marieke the collective exists of Brecht HermansIsabelle Stockmans and Thomas Vermaercke. Brecht studied Theatre Techniques at RITS in Brussels, is an actor and director. Isabelle studied Cultural Sciences and Mixed Media, and has a passion for literature. Thomas is a theatre technician and co-founded the collective group De Constanten.


Video: Winterslag & Oortocht – Sideways, images from Slakken / Sporen

L'Eléphant Perdu
L’Eléphant Perdu ©


Motschnik – Verein für feine Kunst is a Belgian-Austrian theatre company formed in 2010 and based in Vienna. It is run by Marieke Breyne (BE), Julie Perschon (AT), Melika Ramic (AT) and Nele Van den Broeck (BE).

Marieke, Melika and Nele met in 2009 and although they have different backgrounds and personalities, they share the same passion and desire to make theatre. Their main idea is to have strong physical expressive and poetic images and to create a sensual/sensitive experience.


Frosch und Tigerente Photo by Ani Antonova
Frosch und Tigerente
Photo by Ani Antonova ©





The company Mosterd met Zaad started with Leen Lacroix and Marieke Breyne, theatre directors, performers and researchers. After previous intense collaborations, they wanted to unite their specific point of view on theatre and dance. They are fascinated by the purity of movement, the power of images and the beauty of everyday life. Katrien Masson is architect/scenographer. She completes the company.

Cie MMZ created its first performance ‘A La Limite’ in 2008-2009. Cie MMZ chooses resolutely for a physical approach of theatre. Intuitive. Primitive. The purity of body language, of authentic movement, are at the centre of its view. Aspects such as story or morality are reduced to an essential minimum.


Photo by Katrien Masson
Photo by Katrien Masson ©
Cie Mosterd met Zaad
Cie Mosterd met Zaad


Together with Chris van der Weide (NL), Liv Kaastrup Vesterkov (DK) and Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen (DK) Marieke also founded The Hatchery (since 2012). This international group investigates the integration of a sensorial theatre language, acquired via diverse sensorial theatre experiences, in public area. According to a sensorial theatre language the performer has to disappear. He only functions as the medium that makes the object speak directly towards the audience. This is noticeable in the project “Cups” whereby tea cups were carried through the city Viborg (DK).

Video: Cups

The Hatchery also investigates the materialization of the body: How does a performer disappear and how can his body work as a material in a public area in function to transform this area? The transformation is a central aspect of the mission statement of The Hatchery. We believe that performance and visual art do have a transformative power, on micro and macro level.

For example: During a residency at the AFUK Skole in Copenhagen we organized some workshops “moving slow in public area”. We guided people blindfolded through the center of the city and let them walk, also blindfolded, independently through very busy shopping streets. The beauty of the slow movement as affect of being blind (especially in contrast with the hurried crowd in shopping streets) and the experience for blinded participants, according themselves, were overwhelming.

Video: Moving Slow in Public Area


Cups ©
Open Lab 2013
Open Lab 2013 ©