The Hatchery

Together with Chris van der Weide (NL), Liv Kaastrup Vesterkov (DK) and Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen (DK) Marieke also founded The Hatchery (since 2012). This international group investigates the integration of a sensorial theatre language, acquired via diverse sensorial theatre experiences, in public area. According to a sensorial theatre language the performer has to disappear. He only functions as the medium that makes the object speak directly towards the audience. This is noticeable in the project “Cups” whereby tea cups were carried through the city Viborg (DK).

Video: Cups

The Hatchery also investigates the materialization of the body: How does a performer disappear and how can his body work as a material in a public area in function to transform this area? The transformation is a central aspect of the mission statement of The Hatchery. We believe that performance and visual art do have a transformative power, on micro and macro level.

For example: During a residency at the AFUK Skole in Copenhagen we organized some workshops “moving slow in public area”. We guided people blindfolded through the center of the city and let them walk, also blindfolded, independently through very busy shopping streets. The beauty of the slow movement as affect of being blind (especially in contrast with the hurried crowd in shopping streets) and the experience for blinded participants, according themselves, were overwhelming.

Video: Moving Slow in Public Area



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